Since 1993

Inner Peace Society

Our goal is to defeat the extreme poverty experienced by the lowest caste in rural India, one village at a time. We look for the natural leaders in each village, those with aspirations for a better life and a willingness to work for change. We partner with them to ensure projects are created and implemented with village participation. The building blocks of sustainable improvement include medical care, hygiene, nutrition, education, job training, and micro-loans. We combine your donation with matching grants and other non-profits to achieve the greatest success. Recently, in the state of Maharashtra, we provided learning tools, designed by inspiring local teachers, for 13 schools, and together we installed 31 water filters to provide clean water in each classroom. With a local presence, we are able to create sustainable change, while continually collecting measurable data like infection rates, child mortality, education completed, and employment obtained or businesses started.

Erica with girls and with necklace of women